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What does sustainable mean to us?

Our mission is to grow bigger and set a high sustainable standard:

reduce carbon footprint

recycle/reuse waste

create a self-sustainable supply chain

We define 'sustainable clothing' as a garment derived from organic/recycled materials, and made in such way to promote reduce wastage, reduce footprint and extending life cycle of the garments.

Our values

  • Environmentally Sustainable

  • Zero Wastage

  • Transparency

Environmentally sustainable

To help lower environmental impact, we focus on using organically derived materials that are environmentally friendly such as, hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton, and avoid the use of new synthetic fibres wherever possible.

How can we improve our lifestyle sustainably?

Here are some tips on how.

Love your clothes! Extending the life cycle

Did you know? According to WRAP (http://www.wrap.org.uk/about-us/about), increasing life cycle of all clothing by 9 months can reduce annual carbon, water and waste footprints of UK clothing by 20-30% each. That goes to show how much resources can be saved just by this simple act.


What that means for us is to ensure we produce quality items that are long lasting, and create timeless designs that can be appreciated across multiple of seasons.

Zero wastage

There are many things involved during the development process.

So it became important for us to reduce wastage during all stages of the making.

All off-cuts fabrics/threads from sampling or garment productions do not go into the bin.

They are consolidated, and used to create new accessory items such as: bags, purses, hats in our up and coming line, The Boro Range.


Paper – off-cut papers from pattern making or from any administration use that are no longer needed will be recycled to Dodgy Paper.

Custom batch will be created using these papers which will then be passed on to Illustrations Atelier for artwork use.



We keep record of all the process from origin of materials to the end product. Our mission is to collate as much information as possible to show the history of each garments from farming to the end product.

Our new arrivals are designed and made in Australia, using hemp, organic cotton, and recycle polyester blends.

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