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Vision of Modern Streetwear

Japanese fashion designer, Natsuko creates her vision of modern streetwear style based in Melbourne, Australia. Through use of organic textiles with structured silhouettes, she creates something minimal and earthy with a contemporary Japanese twist.

With love of mens streetwear clothing, Natsuko designs hoodies, t-shirts, outerwear and many more that can be seen in many urban lifestyles.

She believes there is something more than just clothes and that all designs have a story.

How was it designed, where and who made it?

Natsuko looks beyond fashion design; for something more sophisticated with a meaning behind.

Conscious Clothing

Considering the environmental impacts, Natsuko sustainably designs to create a versatile clothing that is adaptable for all seasons with life-long lasting quality.

Not only to produce garments with zero wastage, she realised the importance of designing something that is adaptable season to season; something that everyone wants to keep in their wardrobes for a very long time.

Natsuko wants to share her insight of the fashion industry with an extensive experience in the field; and to send out a message of the importance for conscious consumerism.

Reuse, Recycle, Donate not Trash

Rather than having a wasteful fast fashion mindset, she believes in a lifestyle with a minimal approach.

Surround yourself with quality products that you love and looking after what you have.

If something was no longer needed - reuse, recycle and donate not trash.

Natsuko also aims to share her knowledge in clothing alterations, repairs and garment care

- not only applying to her clothes but anything else everyone owns. Because she believes that any mindset has to come from within, which is part of your life.

Inspired by great fashion designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Damir Doma, and Rick Owens, Natsuko designs her version of premium streetwear experience for all genders with a conscious mindset.

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